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Jacob Kraft
via Google

I have been a member of Ucelo 6 months now. World class teachers and such a great vibe as well as a positive learning atmosphere is what separates Ucelo from most gyms I believe. Whether you're an experienced martial artist or someone just looking to take your first class, I highly recommend choosing Ucelo!

Omar Vega
via Google

I took jiu jitsu a few years ago at another gym and decided to give this one a try. I took my first lesson last night and it surpassed my expectations. Very welcoming, structured, and professional. Everyone was eager to assist me being the new guy. A+ school a is 100% legit. I am confident this time around I will take it all the way with my training. When you find a place like this you take advantage of the opportunity to train there.

Alexis Aguilar
via Google

I have been training in Jiu Jitsu for almost a year now and have really enjoyed it! Coach Abel and Jeff have been great teacher with different teaching methods. A second class was added and i can't wait for the third to be added. I highly recommend this gym for anyone looking for a gym that feels like family.

Mark Duhon
via Google

I'm a student in the MMA striking class. Since day one Sarah and Abel were extremely helpful, and welcomed me with open arms to the UMA family. It's a privilege getting to train and learn from coach Randy. The classmates are supportive, and it's a great environment to learn in. I've also observed the BJJ and karate classes as well. The instructors are great, and all of the students have a solid support team walking them through their martial arts journey. I would highly recommend Ucelo Martial Arts.

Nate Garcia
via Google

Ucelo Martial Arts Glendale is awesome. It's a facility that offers program for anyone at any age. I have been training in the adult program for 3 months now and really love the mma striking and jiu jitsu classes. I am feeling stronger and healthier than ever and the coaches are incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. I would recommend this school to any who is interested in learning MMA.

Christine Sanchez
via Google

Ucelo is a place I consider my second home, I've been training bjj and mma over a year now and I wouldnt be where i am without them. The coaches at Ucelo are inspiring. They invest their time in you and help you reach your goals. From the coaches to your training partners, they are constantly motivating you to reach your full potential. Here at Ucelo, my training partners have turned into family, and walking through these doors was the best thing i could've done, you wont regret it!

Jessica Leasure
via Google

We have had our two girls (ages 5 & 8) at Ucelo Martial Arts since July of 2019. I have seen the girls grow immensely in confidence, strength, and discipline. This is a family run business and it is clear that they love what they do in how they treat the students. My entire family would recommend Ucelo Martial Arts to anyone!

Christina Nekho
via Google

Amazing family, amazing school! From the Grand master to all his kids, we love Ucelo Martial Arts!!!! True passion for what they do, so glad we returned to Phoenix and my son decided to continue his journey with martial arts.
I would highly recommend this school. I have know this family for many years! They are amazing!!!! The kids learn the art of martial arts plus key characteristics to become better individuals.

Jamie Hernandez
via Google

Highly recommend this martial arts company to all ages! Some times martial arts classes can be intimidating but the UMA family are very welcoming, encourages individuals to never give up and have fun while striving to do their best. Being apart of the Little Tigers, my son enjoys his class and new friends as well as remembers each lesson his Master teaches; which we continue to implement at home. Some of the classes the parents participate with their children making it more interactive and memorable. So happy to have such a great martial arts company in the Glendale community. Awesome job Master Abel & Sarah!

Kristin Morgan
via Google

Absolutely, hands down, the best martial arts place in Phoenix! Master Abel and Sarahi are so welcoming and treat everyone like family! We couldn't be any happier with finding their facility and being apart of their family! Highly recommend!! You won't be disappointed!

Sylvia Acosta
via Google

Our daughter enjoys everything she has learned from Master Abel and Sarahi. We appreciate the holistic approach that is provided to the students. They learn martial arts techniques as well as the importance of life lessons in loyalty, integrity, perseverance, courtesy, and self control. We truly feel we are among family!

Alicia Haynes
via Google

We love Ucelo Martial Arts! We enrolled our daughter when she turned 5 in hopes of improving some behavioral issues we were struggling with. Her behavior improved drastically!!!! and we couldn't be prouder of her. Master Abel and Sarahi have left a lasting impression on our daughter, she loves and admires them, and I couldn't be more grateful for them.

Angel Hannon
via Google

This school is amazing with amazing people. At UMA you are accepted as family. Your children are in wonderful hands. They do not disappoint.

Areli Chavez
via Google

Best martial arts school in Glendale. Both Sarahi and Master Abel treat everyone as family. My kids love going to class and strive to do their best both at home and martial arts class.

Sarah Spallino
via Google

My son absolutely loves it here and he looks forward to going to class . The energy and atmosphere is very warm and welcoming , you can feel it as soon as you walk in . I've seen such positive changes in my son and it's only been about a month . My husband and I truly feel that this was definitely one of our better decisions , I highly recommend this place . I personally love the teachings of respect and teamwork , and the inclusiveness .

Alma Vazquez
via Google

I'm very impressed with the Ucelo's family leadership and professionalism. Both of my daughters attend class for almost 1 year, my husband and I are extremely pleased and happy to be a part of the UMA Team! We love the family oriented environment.

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